Jonathan Burke (D)


Jonathan Burke is a Democrat running for election to represent District 105 in the Michigan House of Representatives.

Burke lives in Gaylord and is a critical care nurse and paramedic. He attended Kirtland Community College and Baker College. To learn more, check out his campaign website.



Michigan Professional Fire Fighters Union

Michigan Health Choice Alliance

Michigan Nurses Association MNA

Pro Life MDFL

AFSCME Council 25


Health Care: “Not having access to health care when you need it, hurts us all as it only serves to spread disease while costing us more in the long run. It is time we fix the many issues of our for-profit health care system.” Burke wants to implement a caregiver tax credit to help ease the financial burden of caring for loved ones at home.

Education: “We must make public education as fundamental as protecting our health care workers and supporting our farmers. It is vital to have plans already in place for extended absence, special needs, or our current outbreak situation.” Burke’s education goals include expanding online and phone options for students, protect minority students and increase accountability, eliminate charter school funding from tax dollars, and offer affordable secondary and vocational education for all ages.”

Criminal Justice Reform: “We have never been more aware of the rampant problems within our criminal justice system. Routing out systemic racism, especially in positions of power, ending police overreach and brutality, has to be our top priority.” Burke supports ending for-profit prison systems and mandatory minimum sentencing, ending qualified immunity, and diverting a small percentage of funds from prisons/police to mental health services and addiction treatment centers.

Top Donors (as of Sept. 21):

Antrim County Democratic Party

Otsego County Democratic Party

James Mckimmy

Marcia Graham

Steve Foley

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