Celia Young-Wenkel (D)

Celia Young-Wenkel (D)

Michigan House District 97

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Celia Young-Wenkel is a Democratic candidate running for election to represent District 97 in the Michigan House of Representatives.

Young-Wenkel was born in Reed City, but has lived in Rhodes, Bentley and Standish for most of her adult life. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Saginaw Valley State University in 1985. In 2007, she earned her master’s degree in social work from Grand Valley State University.

Young-Wenkel worked for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services for 22 years as a child protective services worker. She retired 2010

This is her second time running for election to the Michigan House of Representatives. In 2018, Young-Wenkel won the Democratic primary for the Michigan House of Representatives District 97 but was defeated in the general election by incumbent Jason Wentworth.

Young-Wenkel is the mother of two sons, one daughter, one step-daughter and grandmother to six children.


AFT Michigan

Michigan AFL-CIO


Education: “Our public education system has been devastated by the influence of DeVos money. During the Snyder administration, when all the branches of government were controlled by Republicans, they declared that all of our schools are “public” schools including the charter schools and online charter schools. The amount of our property tax dollars per pupil is the same across the nonprofit public schools and the for profit public schools.” Young-Wenkel’s education goals include holding for-profit schools to the same standards as public schools.

Health Care: “Healthcare is among our largest employers in the 97th District. Healthcare for all not only saves lives, but also creates jobs.” Young-Wenkel wants to maintain the Medicaid expansion and pass legislation to put a cap on the cost of insulin at $100 per month.

Criminal Justice Reform: “Addiction is not a crime; it is an illness and yet our prisons are filled with those whose primary crime is substance abuse. When our mental health facilities closed, many of those people ended up in our prisons.” Young-Wenkel believes all convictions regarding marijuana should be expunged. She wants to end mandatory minimum sentences.

Other: Young-Wenkel also lists limiting Nestle’s access to water in Evart, replacing carbon-based energy with renewable energy, and advocating for unions as goals she wants to accomplish if elected.

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Clare County Democratic Committee

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