Beth McGill-Rizer (D)


Beth McGill-Rizer is a Democratic candidate running for election to represent District 101 in the Michigan House of Representatives.

McGill-Rizer grew up in Mason and graduated from his school in 1976. She earned her associates degree at Lansing Community College, and later got her bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University.

McGill-Rizer has spent 18 years working in the medical field as a certified pharmacy technician. During that time, McGill-Rizer published articles and developed manuals for training staff. She also served as the campaign manager for Mike Taillard’s 2018 campaign, a sits on the board of directors for PFLAG.


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Education: “Our students deserve better. A study conducted by Michigan State University found Michigan is last in the nation for school funding growth from 1995-2015. While standardized test scores improved slightly in recent years we rank thirty-sixth in the nation according to the Cato Institute. Students attending Michigan schools should expect high-quality education. Michigan employers should expect our graduates to be job-ready.” McGill-Rizer’s education goals include providing students with quality public school education, rebuilding educators’ compensation and support, and meeting national academic standards while reflecting community culture and values.

Environment: “We may disagree on the language of climate but the reality is temperatures are increasing and greenhouse gasses are too. These increases result in poor air quality, contaminated water, destruction of our natural resources, and pose a danger to our wildlife.” McGill-Rizer wants to make Michigan a leader in renewable energy and create new union jobs that protect our environment.

Infrastructure: “Michigan’s infrastructure is outdated and crumbling. Bridges are falling, roads are decaying, and our sewer and water systems are failing. Parts of our district lack reliable public transportation and broadband services. Our infrastructure presents a danger; it also presents us with enormous opportunities.” McGill-Rizer wants to rebuild Michigan’s infrastructure while training students in skilled trades and creating jobs.

Health Care: “Rural health care requires outside the box solutions. We need to focus on wellness at birth and beyond. Make preventative care easily accessible and affordable. Embrace new technology. Telemedicine will provide much needed mental health services to rural areas where suicide rates are higher. Patients with mobility and transportation issues will be better served.” McGill-Rizer lists ensuring residents have access to effective, affordable health care services, and recruiting health care providers to Michigan’s rural communities as her health care priorities.

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