Ben Boren (Libertarian)


Ben Boren is a member of the Libertarian Party running for election to the U.S. House to represent Michigan’s 1st Congressional District.

Boren advanced from the Libertarian convention on July 18 to appear on the November ballot.

Boren is a Nevada native who has spent the last four years living in Charlevoix.

He serves as the 1st vice chair affiliates director for the Libertarian Party of Michigan, as well as the outreach director for the Northwest Michigan Libertarian Affiliate. To learn more, check out his campaign website. 


Spike Cohen


Environment: “The government, as usual, has a terrible track record of protecting land, people and environment.  In the case of irresponsible land owners unable to be responsible with their freedom they would have to face a transparent trial by their peers and pay restitution for all types of damage done.” Boren believes protecting private property and selling the Bureau of Land Management will create incentive for land owners to “do the right thing.” Boren does not specify what the ‘right thing’ is.

Occupational Licensing: “Not only is occupational licensing unconstitutional, it is downright expensive and time consuming.” Boren wants to end all occupational licensing by the government. He believes “it should be up to the individual to learn the correct way to perform high skilled jobs.”

War on Drugs: “The drug war has been nothing but a costly catastrophe since its inception. “ Boren wants to reduce the prison population by seeking solutions like decriminalization and reallocating funds to rehabilitation programs.

Qualified Immunity: “Police should be without a doubt held to the same laws and standards we are, if not higher.  Those that we entrust to protect us have become a militarized, revenue generating force who consider themselves to be above the law.” Boren is in favor of ending qualified immunity.

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