Amy Slepr (Green Party)


Amy Slepr is a member of the Green Party running for election to represent Michigan’s 4th Congressional District in the U.S. House. She advanced from the Green convention on June 20 to appear on the November ballot.

Slepr was born in New Orleans, but has lived in Michigan for more than 30 years. She attended Central Michigan University and Mid Michigan Community College. Slepr has worked as a certified nurse’s aid.

Slepr has two daughters and a granddaughter. To learn more, check out her campaign website. 




Law Enforcement Reform: “There are many professions that require their members to comply with licensing and regulations, for example Nurses. I believe officers of the law should be held to similar standards.” Slepr believes law enforcement officers should be licensed and regular counseling should be required to renew their license. She believes a renewal of a law enforcement license should be renewed every three years.

Cannabis & The War on Drugs: “It is time to end the War on Drugs. The government has wasted billions of dollars on efforts to decrease drugs shipped into the United States…” Slepr supports releasing all current inmates with drug-related charges from prison and expunging their criminal record. Slepr supports a policy of rehabilitation over imprisonment.

Foreign Policy: On her campaign website, Slepr lists cutting the military budget by 50%, ending wars and sending troops home, and pledging no first use of nuclear weapons as foreign policy priorities.

Other issues listed include universal health care, lifelong free public education and a $16 minimum wage.

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