Author: Katy Washburn

Up-cycle Your Space: DIY Wire Art

Part 1 of 2

In this edition of Up-Cycle Your Space, our own Katy Washburn-Bowyer explains her creative outlet, demonstrating how to create a little piece of home using only wood, nails and wire! 1. Find the picture you want to use (preferably a silhouette or something without fine detail) and print it out to size. 2. Using painter’s tape, fix the image to…

Fishing School Kicks Off in Lake City

Some Northern Michigan ice fishermen are getting professional advice from a well known angler. Mark Martin’s Fishing Vacation School kicked off today in Lake City. Martin and his staff shared tips …

First Tip-Up Town Weekend Concludes

It was another day full of winter fun at the sixty-fifth annual Tip Up Town U.S.A. The first weekend of the popular Northern Michigan festival wrapped up today in Houghton Lake. The highlight of t…

Truck Hauling Christmas trees Hit By Car

The accident happened in Wexford County on M-55. A car pulled out in front of truck causing the two vehicles to crash into each other. The truck then tipped from the weight of the Christmas trees.