Author: Joe Buczek

Focus Podcast: Road Funding’s Alternate Route

As the way forward on road funding in Michigan plays games with the budget process in Lansing, a new road plan emerged. This one from State Representative Jack O’Malley puts an emphasis on the ability of local governments to raise money to fix their own roads. O’Malley’s news conference on the bills helps explain how it would work. Categories: Podcast

Focus Podcast: A Fast House with Inphastos

Inphastos is a Traverse City startup that believes there’s a huge industry ripe for disruption. The new construction industry. The company recently achieved building a home in a day, and they are expanding operations. Kevin Essebaggers talked with Vice President of Business Development Craig Wesley about how it works, and the Inphastos vision for the future of construction. Categories: Podcast

Focus Podcast: The GLRI Fight

The Great Lakes Restoration initiative spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year on a vast array of programs to protect and restore our waterways. Every year it’s a fight to get it funded. We caught up with U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow on a Traverse City visit to see how she’s trying to get even more funding for the GLRI….