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Being Aware of Your Body: Breast Cancer Awareness

October is well-known as breast cancer awareness month… A cause that hits home for many, especially our own Robyn Haines. This week’s Living Right segment from Mercy Hospital is dedicated to the cause — as Robyn introduces us to a Cadillac nurse who went through the same battle – and shares her story of survival. Four years ago, Patty Schneider…

Feedback at 5:00 — “Facebook Slander?”

An Arkansas teenager is suing his mother over his Facebook page. The 16 year old says she is slandering him. The teen is also asking for his mother to be banned from talking to him. He lives with his grandparents, who have custodial rights of him. The mother claims she has the legal right to see what he is doing….

Feedback at 5:00 — “Stranded by the Volcano”

The skies are becoming a little more inviting today for hundreds of thousands of air travelers stranded by a large volcanic ash cloud over Europe. Many of the biggest airports have been shut down for days and thousands of flights have been cancelled. Some flights are beginning to take off today, but most are still grounded. Do you know anyone…

Jack’s Journal: Behind the Scenes Hospital Laundry

Each in-patient at Traverse City's Munson Medical Center gets a nice, clean gown…fresh sheets…pillows. Now think about all the patients the hospital cares for — it translates to a *ton of laundry. In today's Jack's Journal…Jack O'Malley takes us behind the scenes to see the inner workings of Munson's laundry room Categories: Jack’s Journal

Feedback at 5:00 — “Tornado Preps”

Deadly tornadoes hit Oklahoma last night, killing at least 5 people. Many survivors only had minutes to get to safety. What is your safety plan if northern Michigan is expecting a tornado or severe weather conditions? It is our topic tonight for “Feedback at 5:00.”

Feedback at 5:00 — Credit Changes & Consumer Labels

A brand new credit card law goes into effect today, which is designed to protect Americans from deceptive credit card practices and to help them get out of debt. Monthly bills will have to show you how long it will take you to pay off your balance, and statements will come in the mail earlier. But, there is still no…