Author: 9and10news Site Staff

Feedback at 5:00 — “Iraq Drawdown”

Tonight, President Obama will speak to the nation to announce the formal ending to the US combat mission in Iraq. 50,000 US troops will remain in the country to help train Iraqi forces and back them up. Do you think Iraqi security forces will be able to control the violence so a government can form? Or, do you think the…

Feedback At 5:00-Do You Support Off-Shore Drilling?

Tomorrow marks one year since the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico began. Since then, a new poll by CNN and the Opinion Research Corporation shows support for offshore drilling is bouncing back. That's despite the fact that the federal government does not have the ability to stop another massive oil spill. The poll shows 69% of Americans…

Feedback at 5:00 — “Bed Bugs”

The cost for dealing with this year's national pest, the bed bug, is topping $250 million. The North American Bed Bug Summit on ways to deal with the bugs is sold out in Chicago. Are you concerned about the blood sucking creatures invading your home, and are you taking extra precautions? Post your comments here for tonight's “Feedback at 5:00.”

Feedback at 5:00 — “Chrysler Workers Fired”

Chrysler fired 13 Michigan plant workers who appeared to be drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana on video, during a break. The automaker says the video, shot by a Detroit TV station, helped them identify several workers. Chrysler is still pursuing others. The company says the fired workers violated the code of conduct. Two others were given one-month, unpaid leave. Do…

Feedback At 5:00-Fun For Kids? Or Illegal Gambling Devices?

The company that owns Chuck E. Cheese is being sued. A California woman filed the lawsuit, claiming some of the children's games are illegal gambling devices. She says the games are like slot machines because they operate by tokens, which are bought with money. When the games are finished the machine dispenses tickets which can be turned in for prizes….

Feedback at 5:00 — “Air Freshener Ticket”

A 99-cent air freshener landed an Illinois driver with a $120 ticket. Police pulled him over on Saturday for a “window obstruction.” The officer says the leaf shaped air freshener was dangling from the rear-view mirror. The law states: “No person shall drive any motor vehicle with any object or material hung from the inside rear-view mirror…” The driver says…

Being Aware of Your Body: Breast Cancer Awareness

October is well-known as breast cancer awareness month… A cause that hits home for many, especially our own Robyn Haines. This week’s Living Right segment from Mercy Hospital is dedicated to the cause — as Robyn introduces us to a Cadillac nurse who went through the same battle – and shares her story of survival. Four years ago, Patty Schneider…

Feedback at 5:00 — “Facebook Slander?”

An Arkansas teenager is suing his mother over his Facebook page. The 16 year old says she is slandering him. The teen is also asking for his mother to be banned from talking to him. He lives with his grandparents, who have custodial rights of him. The mother claims she has the legal right to see what he is doing….