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MedWatch: Pet Therapy

Whether its a visit to the doctor, or an extended stay in the hospital, patients can feel a lot of anxiety when it comes to medical care. So some offices have special assistants that are more than hap

Feedback at 5:00- Have You Ever Been in a Tornado?

The death toll from the tornado in Joplin, Missouri is climbing with 117 people dead. It is now the single deadliest tornado in the United States. Up until then, the National Weather Service said the most deadly happened in Flint in 1953, when 116 people died. For tonight's “Feedback at 5:00” we wanted to know if you have survived severe…

Feedback at 5:00 — 2010 Census & Daylight Saving Schedules

Last week, the Census Bureau mailed out letters to remind people that Census forms are coming in the mail this week. The government says it was meant to help cut costs later on by lightening the load for Census workers who go door to door. What do you think about the mass mailing? It's the Monday after the Daylight Saving…

Feedback at 5:00-Should Supreme Court Ban Violent Video Games?

The United States Supreme Court may rule today regarding the ban of violent video games from minors. The video game industry is focusing on its challenge to a California law which asks the court to put new limits on the Constitution's free speech clause, and let states treat violent games like pornography and restrict youth access. How do you think…

Feedback at 5:00 — “Community Input”

Traverse City is continuing talks on how to improve the community's bay front. Last week, they took input from the public. Tonight, they'll be talking about ways to pay for changes. What kinds of improvements would you like to see in your area? We are talking about it tonight in “Feedback at 5:00.”

Feedback At 5:00-Do Cars Have Too Much Technology?

Ford has hit a major bump in its road to recovery. The automaker fell 18 spots to #23 in J.D. Power's annual new car quality survey. Car owners complained about problems with Ford's new dashboard touch screens. The MyTouch system features an 8-inch LCD touch screen, navigation, climate control, traffic alerts, multimedia, Wi-Fi capability, 911 Assist and mobile phone integration….

Feedback At 5:00- The Casey Anthony Verdict

Casey Anthony could be a free woman as early as tomorrow. A jury acquitted the Florida woman Tuesday of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. Anthony will be sentenced tomorrow for the charges she was found guilty of: lying to investigators. But since she's already served three years in prison, legal experts don't think she'll get any additional time. Was it…

Feedback at 5:00 — “Oil Spill”

Thousands of barrels of oil are spilling into the Gulf of Mexico with each passing day. British Petroleum has been trying to cap the leak for nearly two full weeks. Do you think plans to expand offshore drilling should continue after this accidental spill? You can leave your comments below this story. It is tonight's top for “Feedback at 5:00.”

Feedback At 5:00- What Was Rep. Giffords Impact on Debt Vote?

Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords' recovery is being called nothing short of a miracle. She made an emotional return to Capitol Hill last night to vote on raising the debt ceiling. It was her first public appearance since the failed attempt on her life in January. Her colleagues from both parties welcomed her back with a seven-minute standing ovation. Giffords then…