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Feedback at 5:00 — “Parental Leave”

According to the Center for Economic Policy and Research, the US and Australia are at the bottom of the list when it comes to paid parental leave policies. That's the time shared between parents for time to care for a child. The US only guarantees unpaid parental leave. How much paid time off do you see as realistic for parents?…

Medwatch: Kyphoplasty

As we age, our bones get weaker and that's especially true for women who aren't getting enough calcuim. Sometimes just a slip and fall or even simply sitting down can break your back, causing the bone to collapse. In Medwatch, see how doctors are helping patients get back to their lives. Categories: MedWatch

Steps After Cardiac Arrest Crucial to Survival

Cardiac arrest happens when someone's heart stops beating. The first priority is to get the heart working again, but what happens next is also crucial. In this MedWatch report learn about “the miracle man” and the special procedure that preserved his organs after nearly an hour of cardiac arrest. Categories: MedWatch

MedWatch: Prescription Drug Addictions

You have a prescription … You don't buy your drugs on the street … That means you don't have a problem … Not necessarily. Prescription drug abuse and addiction is a growing issue. Michelle Dunaway shows us there is hope in today's Medwatch. Some signs you or someone you love might have a problem with prescription drugs: Rapid increase in…

Feedback at 5:00- Should Cars Be Required to Record Data?

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is expected to declare all new vehicles carry a data recorder known as a “black box.” The device is similar to those found on airplanes and would be able to give details of the final moments before a crash. It would be looked at by police, insurance companies and automakers. The NTSB is expected…