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Chemo Bath

A million and a half people will be diagnosed with cancer this year. Cancers of the abdomen like colon cancer are some of the hardest to treat. As Shainna Ziegler explains in Healthy Living, doctors are now giving some patients a “chemo bath” to stop the disease.

9&10 News at 5:00

A disaster beyond comprehension in Haiti. The country's leader now says hundreds of thousands of people died after the earthquake there sent buildings crashing to the ground. An update at 5:00 on rescue efforts and the growing humanitarian crisis. Financial company CEO's today tried to explain their responsibility for the economic crisis that nearly brought the nation's financial system down….

President Calls for International Effort in Haiti

President Barack Obama says the earthquake disaster in Haiti reminds him “of the common humanity that we all share.” While promising an all out rescue and humanitarian effort from the U.S., the president called on all nations to join in helping stricken Haitians. Obama has named the chief of the U.S. Agency for International Development to manage what the White…

Week in Review

Four hours is a long show. Scott and Robyn don't each have time to pre-read every single script before it makes air. Usually, it works out ok. Sometimes, it doesn't. That is what makes the MTM Week in Review so fun.

Aid to Start Arriving in Haiti After Earthquake

The United Nations says the airport in Haiti's capital is operational and aid will start arriving there soon. The UN also announced 5 people were killed in their headquarters when it collapsed in the earthquake and over 100 missing, including the mission chief. The International Federation of Red Cross says up to 3 million people have been affected by yesterday's…

Update: Cause of Death Determined For Ski Instructor

We now know how a Michigan ski instructor died at a Colorado ski resort. Grace McNeal's body was found at the base of a tree at the Steamboat Resort January 6th, where she had been skiing with friends. McNeal was from Cedar and an instructor at the Arapahoe Basin Ski Area. The coroner says she was wearing a helmet and…

Former Emmet County Deputy Sentenced to 11 Months in Jail

A former Emmet County Sheriff's Deputy will spend eleven months in jail for crimes he committed on the job. Scott Ford admitted to charges of not helping the sheriff, and to using a work computer to look up someone else's personal information in October. The prosecutor dropped sexual misconduct charges as part of a plea deal. There's a possibility he'll…