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Thank you for the question regarding the “fabulous” area rug!

When it comes to purchasing an area rug – there are many variables to decide upon before you roll it up and take it home. Area rugs come in all shapes and sizes, colors and textures and most importantly – price-points. Area rugs are not only comfortable under foot but they are the number one contributor in making our homes feel warm and inviting. Area rugs define our living spaces by allowing us to place our conversational seating areas on and around them. If done correctly – a new area rug should ground your home with comfort….. and last a lifetime (if you’re diligent about the upkeep of your investment).

Consider my guideline below (in order of importance) when purchasing an area rug for your space.

Size – There are too many sizes of area rugs to mention and you can even custom make your own size – but the most common sizes are 8’x10’ and 5’x7’. Although a living space is defined by its walls, either of those sizes will comfortable fit and accentuate any furniture arrangement. How you place your furniture on or off the rug, will determine how large the living space will actually appear to the eye. The more of the rug you can see – the larger the space will feel.
Material – Rugs come in all materials but the material that I recommend to my clients the most is wool. Wool is natural fiber, easy to clean and will last a lifetime. Wool carpet is more expensive than a synthetic (man-made fiber) but it will perform longer. Whether you select a loop, pile or even a trendy shag is up to your individual preference but what really matters is the quality of the yarn and how dense it is woven into the jute backing. Trick of the trade – jamb your five fingers into the front face of the rug and if you are able to feel a lot of the backing – it isn’t of quality.
Pattern/Design/Color – When selecting a design or color, remember that your area rug is like art – it has to speak to you. The design or pattern should flow with your overall design style and accentuate everything in the room. Heavy patterns can be busy and intricate designs can be expensive so use your best judgement – go with your gut.
Price – Every interior design venture has a budget, remember to stick with yours. If you opt for a more expensive rug than you allowed for, make sure you can make up the difference by subtracting money from another part of the project. If you have limited funds – go with a 5’x7’ size as it will be more cost effective. If you find that all rugs of your liking are out of your budget – try saving up. Saving up for projects is always fun and rewarding.

Pro Tips:
• Remember to seasonally reposition (turn) your area rug so that traffic patterns and pivot-points can be equally maintained throughout the lifetime of your rug
• You should have your area rug rolled-up and taken in to get professionally cleaned at least one time every two years (or more, depending on the activity in the space)

Selecting the perfect area rug for your environment can be grueling, especially with so many options. If you find yourself in need of professional assistance – go to my number one choice in floor covering, Floor Covering Brokers. The associates at Floor Covering Brokers can walk you through the entire process while making you more than comfortable with your decision.

Thank you ~Shane