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Thank you for the great question!

Congratulations on taking the first step to what can be the most rewarding venture of one’s life. Building a new home can be the platform for all dreams come true. However, who is selected to build that platform has the ability to help or hinder – choice wisely.

Before you start Googling and asking friends for recommendations – establish a plan. Any qualified builder is going to lead with three very important questions that you must have the answers to. Scope-of-work, Budget and Timeline – these drive every project.

To assist in navigating the hundreds of thousands of questions – find a builder who is interested in being your ally. An ally is anyone that can guide with experience to shed clarity on exactly what it is that you want and what it is that you need – two very different things. Outside of builders, other industry allies are interior designers, decorators, architects or draftsmen. The best builders in the business employ these individuals as collaborative industry partners.

Are you looking for a house that resembles a creative masterpiece filled with meticulous details? Or, are you the individual that is frugal and subscribes to less is more? Both are celebrated but selecting a builder who shares your moral character and mindset is advantageous to a successful end-result. Do you require your builder to be a team-player – exceeding all expectations while working tirelessly and fueled with passion? Or, would you be satisfied with a status-quo builder – just in it for the monetary reward, offering no more or no less than what is expected?

Selecting a builder is an emotional and financial responsibility. I would suggest you find three companies that meet your requirements. Comb their websites, view their portfolios and call to set up a face-to-face meeting. You will be surprised how follow-through alone can immediately eliminate. Start with integrity – do they do what they say they’ll do? Do you feel you can trust them? If the answer is anything less than yes, there will be danger ahead.

Make one of your first phone calls to MPN/Mapleridge – The Inman Company’s builder of choice for my discerning clients and their hard-earned money. MPN/Mapleridge is a full design/build company with its own technical team of allies to support my client’s dreams. These professionals understand client service and most importantly, the building process and what it takes to get the job done right and done right the first time! Let MPN/Mapleridge show you how business has been perfected – customer service and a will-do-anything attitude will make them a must have for your new dream home.