#Replay – Thank you for … by shaneinman

Thank you for your question – a great one at that!

When building or remodeling there are hundreds if not thousands of questions that need addressing on a daily basis – what baseboards, door and window casing design to be used is one of them……

When I am designing a home, I always use a higher baseboard with a simple eased edge profile. A 5” or higher baseboard makes for a very dramatic appearance and is what could be considered industry standard in the remodeling market. You can purchase baseboard material in wood or a composite material depending on your budget – composite material will be more cost effective. The beauty of using a composite material is that it is usually sold pre-primed, which means less effort from the one who will be painting it.

When deciding if you should replace your door casings as well as your window casings along with your baseboard venture – it depends on your pocket book. Professionally speaking, it will look much more aesthetically pleasing to have all of these elements flow with cohesiveness throughout your home.

Thanks again ~Shane