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Raccoon Heimlich! Michigan campers save raccoon that was choking on cheese

A group of Michigan campers can honestly say they’ve done something no one else has - saved a raccoon from choking on a piece of cheese.

The men were camping near Burton, which is near Flint, when a friendly raccoon wandered among their group.

According to a story on USA Today, not long after they befriended the raccoon and it wandered off, it returned, but there was clearly something wrong with it. The men soon realized the raccoon was choking, and one of the campers started patting it forcefully on the back.


In a moment captured on video and posted to TikTok (see below), the raccoon was able to get the obstruction out, and the campers realized it was a slice of cheese they had thrown in the garbage earlier.

Fortunately the raccoon turned to the right humans for help, and it survived and was able to walk off.

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