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Outside workers try to stay cool in the heat

With the extreme heat here to stay over the next few days, many of you are finding ways to stay cool, including those who have to work outside.

Ludington Department of Public Works Superintendent, Andy Larr said they’ve been busy cleaning up from Ludington’s Gus Macker tournament.

The popular event brought thousands of people to Ludington over the weekend and had roads near the beach closed down.


Workers were out Sunday night and early Monday morning picking up the barricades from the event.

Larr said DPW workers are used to working in the elements and do what they can to minimize the impact of extreme temperatures.

“Guys will come in early sometimes, trying to get the work done in the earlier part of the days before we can get the hot, hot afternoon sun. Try as much as I can to come in early but other than that, it’s just insane drinking the water and trying to stay cool as much as possible,” said Larr.

Larr said Ludington is usually a big draw on hot days because it is a bit cooler, with the winds off the lakeshore giving some relief.

He also said the higher temps is a bit unusual. It usually doesn’t happen until later in the summer.

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