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First Traverse City craft beer celebrates 30 year anniversary at Brewery Terra Firma

TRAVERSE CITY - Northern Michigan brewery staple is seeing a major anniversary. Brewery Terra Firma in Traverse City is celebrating 30 years since the creation of their Manitou Amber Ale. According to owner John Neidermaier, Terra Firma was the state’s first sustainable agricultural production craft brewer.

The Manitou Amber Ale was their first craft beer, and Traverse City’s first craft beer, originally belonging to the Traverse City Brewing Company before making its move to Terra Firma

“It was really kind of touch and go there for a long time,” says Neidermaier. “No one really knew. I mean, none of us knew that, it was going to turn into what it did. You know, the wine industry was doing great here but that was kind of what everyone focused on. And so It took some time, but we were pretty excited to see it actually explode into the industry that it is now.”


That anniversary falls on June 17th.

You can head to Terra Firma all that week to join them in the celebrations.

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