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DNR proposes allowing electric bicycles on Michigan’s biking trails

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has released a proposal to allow electric bikes on trails.

Their Parks and Recreation Division manages around 3,000 miles of biking trails, and has seen increased interest in electric bikes in recent years.

E-bikes are either pedal-assist, meaning the motor is engaged by pedaling and cuts off at a designated top speed, or throttle-on-demand, where the motor can propel the bike even if the rider is not pedaling.


E-bikes can help with barriers to cycling such as hills and long distances, as well as grant people with physical limitations new opportunities.

The main concern with allowing e-bikes is safety and speed. However, the DNR says several other states have expanded access on biking trails with few issues.

Several advisory groups, as well as other divisions of the DNR, provided input on the proposal. While there were some concerns, the DNR says the majority of comments have been in support.

You can read the full proposal here.

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