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Sleeping Bear Surf hosting ‘Beryl Days’ for their 20th anniversary

June 28th-June 30th

EMPIRE - A Northern Michigan organization is celebrating their 20th anniversary June 28-30. Sleeping Bear Surf is holding Beryl Days, named after the matriarch and co-founder of the family business, Beryl Skrocki, who passed away in 2022.

Sleeping Bear Surf provides people in Empire with the opportunity to get out on the fresh water and experience the national lakeshore with various human-powered water crafts. events will be happening Friday through Saturday that include paddle boarding, live music, and more.

“There’s countless reasons why it’s so important to connect people with that big, beautiful body of water for the area itself”, says Sleeping Bear Surf Manager Ella Skrocki. “It brings people here, right, and fuels the livelihoods of people like myself who call this place home year round. But it also connects people to the lake in hopes of creating some imperfect advocates or stewards of the lake.”


The weekend will wrap up with a beach cleanup along the lakeshore with The Cleanup Club.

For more information, click here.

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