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Saab floats the possibility of building a new manufacturing plant in Grayling Township

GRAYLING — Big things and new jobs could be heading to Northern Michigan.

Saab says they intend to build a new manufacturing plant in the U.S. One of the possible locations is in Grayling Township, several miles south of the city near 4 Mile Road.

The former automaker, now military defense and weapons manufacturer, has already posted a job opening for plant director. The posting describes leading a team of 55-70 people and lists munitions production experience as a required skill.


“It’s exciting news. They’re going to do 75 jobs to start, ramp that up to 200 over five years is their plan. They will take and start working with our local high school to recruit kids that would like to remain in the area, start them on an apprenticeship program, and then work with Kirtland Community College,” said Lacey Stephan, Grayling Township supervisor.

Stephan says if Grayling is chosen for the new location, an extensive environmental impact review will be conducted before approval.

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