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Explore with Eric: Raven Hill Discovery Center

Located on 175 acres in the beautiful county of Charlevoix, I stumbled across the Raven Hill Discovery Center a place that is not only stunning, but will get create for children and adults alike, a sense of wonder.

From the main museum that includes hands-on activities that will get anyone excited to learn to an animal room where visitors can meet a variety of animals that call Raven Hill home. This building also includes a “periodic room” providing samples of most elements and an evolving specialty exhibit space that recently launched the “Under Michigan & Beyond” exhibit, celebrating geology in our state and country.

Raven Hill Discovery Center - Animal Room

And we are just getting started exploring everything that Raven Hill has to offer. Step outside to adventure around 175 acres of education majesty.


From the “Ancient World” exhibit which houses replicas of histories many structural wonders, to trails that focus on everything from dinosaurs to local flora and fauna, to a one-of-a-kind treehouse that is both shaped like a maple leaf and accessible for all visitors via it’s ramp.

Raven Hill Discovery Center - Tree House

There is so much to see and do at the Raven Hill Discovery Center that we simply do not have the time to list everything and even then, it would not do it justice. You simply have to visit Cheri and her passion staff to experience it for yourself.

To plan your trip, visit the Raven Hill Discovery Center website.

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