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New community center in Idlewild seeks to provide life skills, arts, music and more

IDLEWILD — A new community-oriented center just opened in Idlewild.

The Training, Equipping, Educating and Mentoring (TEEM) Center just celebrated their grand opening on Sunday with an open house.

The founders have deep roots in Idlewild and see this as a way to give back and help the historically Black community and surrounding areas. They hope the community will find leadership training, life skills, civics, black history, music and the arts.


It’s all in the effort to build up the community while honoring the legacy of the rich history of Idlewild.

“This is our home. We love these people and we know what they need. When you grow up here, you know what’s not here and you leave and you see what opportunities and advantages other people have. And we’re going to bring it back here because they deserve to have that too. So it’s our love for them and their love for us that’s going to build this thing into something powerful,” said Carmen Grier, co-founder.

The TEEM Center is wasting no time getting started. They’re already meeting with students from Baldwin Community Schools to find out what they need in a curriculum.

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