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Watch out for ticks as the weather gets warmer, Grand Traverse Co. Health Dept. warns

TRAVERSE CITY — With the warm weather upon us, it’s time to take extra care when outdoors because you could be taking home some small hitchhikers.

It’s tick season and the Grand Traverse County Health Department is urging caution as these bugs can carry viruses, bacteria and parasites. There are more than 20 known species in Michigan, and they can be found in tall grass and bushy areas.

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With a lot of products on the market to prevent ticks, you should still be checking yourself just in case.

“If you have pets, keep your grass cut. Don’t let it get real long,” said Grand Traverse County Health Director Brent Wheat. “You definitely should check yourself over when you you get back from hiking or if you’re out in the woods because they’re small.”

And don’t just throw away a tick if you happen to find one on you. The Health Department ID’s them to determine species and health risks.

You can find more information on ticks here.

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