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Cherry Capital Cycling Club celebrates 40 years

The Cherry Capital Cycling Club is celebrating 40 years of promoting bicycling in The Grand Traverse Region.

It’s the perfect month to celebrate because May is also National Bike Month and this year the cycling club has more members than ever.

They are also planning to award more than $30,000 in grants to cycling programs and infra-structure throughout the area.


Since January they’ve sponsored almost 100 rides with more than 500 people taking part.

“What’s really exciting is that it’s we are the all time high membership of 550 this month, which is up probably 150 from just a year or two ago”, says Cherry Capital Cycling Club Vice President Rick Venner .“so a lot of people bicycling. bicycling nowadays means recumbent. that means e-bikes. it means bicycles as you probably know it. we live in a wonderful area. our club has a lot to offer.>

In the last 40 years the club has raised about $450,000 in grants.

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