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Keep Mother’s Day flowers going all year with Morgan Composting, the makers of Dairy Doo

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate all the of the moms out there that work so hard everyday to make our lives a bit better and a bit brighter. Traditionally a common gift given to mom on this day is a flower bouquet but with a short shelf life, they are either wilted or dead completely within the week.

That is why I travelled out to see our good friends at Morgan Composting, the makers of Dairy Doo.

Speaking with Justin we discussed how Dairy Doo can keep your flowers looking luxurious for longer. If your mom is less into flowers and instead enjoys a vegetable garden, we explore what Dairy Doo can do for you and give some tips on how to start your own raised garden bed.

For more information or to explore what Morgan Composting the makers of Dairy Doo can do for your lawn or garden, visit the Dairy Doo website.

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