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Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency looks to expand Laundry Project to other counties

TRAVERSE CITY — The Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency is hoping to expand a popular program that helps people in need do their laundry for free.

Right now, The Laundry Project takes place every other Thursday at Eastfield Laundry and TC Laundry in Traverse City.

Those in need are able to wash and dry their clothes at the laundromats free of charge from 8:30 to 11:30 in the morning.


This year, to celebrate their 50th anniversary, the NMCAA is looking to spread the project to surrounding counties.

“For most people, laundry is kind of like a given right. Like, ‘I’ve always had it.’ But for some families and individuals who live where they are not able to have a washer/dryer in their house or they can’t even afford to pay for the laundry, The Laundry Project gives them an opportunity really to have clean clothes so they feel more confident about themselves,” said Alissa Norris, strategic development coordinator.

You can find the full schedule and donate money or supplies on the NMCAA website.

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