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Pesky permits and why they matter, from the Health Department of Northwest Michigan

When people are building a house, operating a business or campground, adding a wet bar to their business, or buying a house with septic, they may consider health department permits and testing a nuisance. But those permits and inspections make sure that water, food, public swimming pools, and more are safe for us all.

In the old days, sewage and factory waste were deposited in lakes and streams. We live in an amazing area that’s safe for our recreational favorites because the health department monitors and inspects to ensure that the land and water remains safe.

Some local townships are assessing their standards for septic system inspections, wanting to make sure that homes along the lakes have proper systems in place. In the past, permits and inspections for these septic systems have happened when the land is sold. Sometimes, these homes/cabins remain in the family for generations and the townships want to make sure the systems are not faulty without the owners knowing.


For more information regarding on-site sewage systems visit the environmental health page on the health department’s website.

For more information regarding what the health department is doing to keep our drinking water safe visit the Drinking Water and Wells webpage.

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