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DNR offers suggestions for viewing the eclipse in Michigan state parks, game areas

MICHIGAN — A rare solar eclipse is set to pass over North America on Monday, April 8, and people everywhere are making plans to experience this astronomical phenomenon.

While the path of totality is predicted to touch only the southeastern-most corner of the state, most state parks and wildlife areas offer prime viewing for the partial eclipse due to their open skies and minimal light pollution.

According to NASA’s Eclipse Explorer, incredible coverage is predicted at the following locations (plus viewing events are taking place there):


There’s plenty of shadow chasing in other areas of the state, too, from Belle Isle Park in Detroit (99.4% totality expected) to Fort Wilkins Historic State Park in Copper Harbor (75.3% totality expected). You can use NASA’s Eclipse Explorer to find the percentage estimate in your part of the state.

No matter where you are when the eclipse occurs, remember to never look directly at the sun with your naked eye, even during a partial eclipse; always use certified eye protection. For more details and safety tips, check out NASA’s eclipse safety page.

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