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FSU professor weighs in on the AT&T data breach that’s affecting about 73 million people

BIG RAPIDS — Cybersecurity issues are felt not only at school, but other places as well. In fact, a major breach is happening now to millions of people who have AT&T.

The company recently said that 7.6 million current holders and more than 65 million previous account holders have datasets that were leaked on the dark web because of the breach.

That information includes Social Security numbers and passcodes of users.


Ferris State University professor Dr. Greg Gogolin says that with AT&T having so many prior users data leaked, there are other issues that need to be addressed.

“The vast majority, 65 million or so, are people that are no longer customers. So that’s a data hygiene issue where they’re not cleaning up their data and that kind of thing, taking proper care. But related to that, there was an incident that occurred in 2021 that AT&T did not necessarily come forward with, that This looks to be very, very similar. So in other words, this information, which the information AT&T is saying is from 2019 previous. So this information on the dark web potentially could have been out there since 2021,” he said.

He also says that the company is not held accountable.

“What I would suggest is that people contact their congressmen and demand that they get some action in terms of some legislation where there’s actually some problems that arise with the company if these things happen, because right now they basically skate free, say, well, sorry,” he says.

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