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Munson renames stroke center in honor of donor whose life they saved

TRAVERSE CITY — In 2019, Richard Witham suffered a stroke but survived thanks to a quick response from Munson Medical Center.

On Monday, the hospital unveiled the renamed Witham Family Comprehensive Stroke Center, the same center that helped Witham five years ago.

After Witham’s stroke, the family donated $2.5 million to the hospital. One of the family’s companies, Motion Dynamics Corporation, even produces the springs used by doctors in clot removal procedures.


“We wanted to do something by giving back, and we know that it will save a person’s life,” said Witham. “It’s an exciting business to be in because every day, whatever we’re doing, we know may make a difference.”

Witham said he owes his life and future to all of the doctors and staff at Munson Medical Center.

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