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Warmer temperatures, high winds causing ice walls to appear on the east side of Houghton Lake

HOUGHTON LAKE — Warmer temperatures and high winds caused ice to pile up along the east side of Houghton Lake.

An ice wall seemingly appeared over night. It usually happens in the spring time as the lake ice melts. When the ice melts and breaks up, high winds push the chunks ashore until they are just feet, sometimes even inches, away from homes.

With the winds continuing on Wednesday, the piles are growing and so does the threat of damage.


“Some of it’s so beautiful. It’s just sad that it’s getting really close to a lot of the homes and the lot of the homes at this time of the year are vacant due to summer homes. I hope that nobody’s properties are damaged badly. I seen a couple that lost a couple outdoor things, but nothing going through the front door yet,” Chery Dingeldey, who visits Houghton Lake Often, said.

Some parts of the ice wall were close to 10 feet high, and it’s not going anywhere until it melts.

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