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G&D Alpaca Farm brings smiles to senior citizens at Maple Ridge Manor of Manistee

It might be the off season for G&D Alpaca Farm, but they work to spread joy all year long, which is why they made a special visit to Maple Ridge Manor of Manistee just last week.

“It’s nice to be able to have a little outreach and go to people that are kind of shut in. And this time of year, you know, you could always use a little extra sunshine, Right? So that’s why we’re doing this for community and just for people to enjoy,” said owner of G&D Alpaca Farm, Gregory Erdmen.

And it’s definitely bringing some sunshine to the residents over at Maple Ridge Manor.


“It was so wonderful. I couldn’t wait until they came. I heard they were coming, and I was waiting and waiting for them to get here. They’re wonderful. They’re so soft and fluffy and very well behaved. I thought, you know, maybe they’re going to be like a horse out of the barn or something. but no, they were wonderful. Wonderful,” said resident Joan Horton

“Well, for my day, it was great just to have something new to do. And we really appreciate Erin’s work to get a variety of things for us. And I think, you know, the sensitivity to the life of an animal and learning some things about them. It’s always very educational and fun to learn,” said another resident Karla Woell.

The joy on the resident’s faces watching the alpacas enter the building was priceless, and they were ecstatic to find out they could even pet and feed these furry friends. Something that may seem so simple to many, made these residents day or even week.

“A fun distraction from our normal things that we do here. And it’s just really nice that people come in and share their stories and share their friends and share their pets,” said Woell.


“I’m going to brag to my family about it. Yes, I’m going to tell them all about it when I see them,” Horton said,

Janet, another resident of Maple Ridge Manor, told me that while it was wonderful to see the alpacas and interact with them, what mattered most to her was being able to connect with friends and familiar faces.

“There’s a lot of people here that we don’t see often, a lot of residents. It’s nice to see them,” said resident Janet Zwiefka.

It was a day that the residents of Maple Ridge Manor will cherish for weeks to come.

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