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ATLAS Space Operations in Traverse City assists U.S. Space Force in record-breaking mission

TRAVERSE CITY — A local organization continues to bring vital support to the United States Space Force.

ATLAS Space Operations’ proprietary software for communications and troubleshooting was used in a tactically responsive space mission called VICTUS NOX.

The goal of the mission was to get an object into orbit on short notice for a wide range of emergency scenarios.


VICTUS NOX was a record-breaking success, going from warehouse to orbit in one week – the quickest launch response for the U.S. Space Force to date.

“Technology has come to a point where we could pull off something as historic as the VICTUS NOX mission, where the entire team contracted beforehand to be in a window of notice. [They] could give us a call-up order at any point, and the team would have to respond,” said John Williams, CEO of ATLAS.

ATLAS Space Operations says they’ve seen major growth over the past few years and expect that to continue as demand for new space technology increases.

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