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Roadwork resumes Feb. 26 for Grandview Parkway and Front Street in Traverse City

TRAVERSE CITY — With longer days comes longer waits in Traffic, and the Michigan Department of Transportation is not wasting any time getting to work on the roads.

Starting on Feb. 26, prep work will begin to resume the rebuilding of a portion of Grandview Parkway and Front Street in Traverse City.

The multi-phase project will start March 10 with work on Front Street between Garfield Avenue and Frost Street with detours for both north and southbound traffic.


MDOT said they have been communicating with businesses and residences in the area, but they said the road is overdue for repairs.

“It has underlying concrete pavement that really hasn’t been touched since 1950s. It’s been overlaid with asphalt over the years. But anyone who’s driven that section of roadway is familiar with the poor condition,” James Lake, the communications representative for the MDOT North Region, said.

Phase two of construction will begin in July. It will be paused during the National Cherry Festival.

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