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New scholarship available at Kirtland Community College thanks to a donation from the Hees Family Foundation

GRAYLING — A new scholarship opportunity is available for students at Kirtland Community College seeking to pursue wood science technology.

This scholarship is made possible by a donation from the Hees Family Foundation. And to celebrate the family for their commitment to education, the community college named the wood science lab in their honor.

“Scholarships are always important for us at Kirtland here because our students need help. And of course, we’re encouraged to get into technical programs. He’s family has been really generous here and providing a donation that provides scholarships for students. And that money goes to our foundation and our foundation those manages scholarships for us,” Tom Quinn, the president of Kirtland Community College, said.


Since forming in 1997, the Hees Family Foundation has contributed $750,000 to community organizations.

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