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Green Acres Senior Living visited by alpacas from G&D Alpaca Farm

MANISTEE — The residence at Green Acres Senior Living in Manistee had some special guests that brought lots of smiles on Friday.

G&D Alpaca Farm brought their wooly friends to the community center to spread joy and warmth. It’s the first visit of its kind, not only for the residence, but for the farm as well.

The alpacas enjoyed lots of pets and did their best to answer questions.


Green Acres said it was a great way to enjoy the day.

“We were all excited. Looking forward to it after lunch. We we love to have guests, whether it’s the UPS man or whether it’s somebody’s family member or a special guests like today gives us something to look forward to, peaks our interest and learning. You know, we’re asking good questions. And I learned stuff today, and I think so did our residents,” Eric Kinzinger from Green Acres Senior Living said.

But this will not be the last chance they’ll get to visit with the alpacas. Green Acres is planning a field trip to G&D Alpaca Farm in the warmer months.

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