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The Sweet Shop in Cadillac says they’ve made hundreds of pounds in chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine’s Day

CADILLAC — Wednesday is Valentine’s Day, and businesses in Cadillac are filling orders for love and sweets.

The Sweet Shop said they have been pretty busy preparing for the holiday. The general manager, Caitlin Taylor, said they have made hundreds of pounds of chocolate covered strawberries and that a lot of people came in for their sweet treats before lent.

Still, Valentine’s Day is one of the busier days during the winter months. And they have some delicious morsels you won’t be able to find any other time.


“Strawberries are pretty much only at Valentine’s Day. We do chocolate covered bacon as well. And that’s something that a lot of men really enjoy. So there are certain flavors or special things that we have. Like we don’t carry the cupid corn all year round. That’s only for Valentine’s Day. Like, we have a few different flavors for fudge, but that’s kind of what we like to do, is have those seasonal products of like, Hey, you can only get this on this day,” Taylor said.

Taylor said they’re already thinking ahead to Easter when she’ll be making a three-foot chocolate bunny.

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