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Budget & family-friendly D.I.Y. crafts for Valentine's Day

Another amazing collection of craft from The Effortless Girl Julie Loven so soon?

That’s right! This week Julie is bringing us four Valentine’s Day craft ideas that are economical, family-friendly, and fun.

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Nail Polish Heart Mugs

  • Mug - $1
  • Nail Polish - $1

Create durable and love-themed heart decorated mugs with nail polish. Use an old mug, thrift one, or purchase dollar store. Paint nail polish hearts on mug and fill with candy & heart decorated items or give as is. The perfect cup of coffee or hot chocolate starts with a Valentine’s Mug. Roughly $1.25 per mug (no out of pocket expense if you have mug + nail polish)

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Heart Themed Candles

  • Dollar Store Candle (any size) - $1
  • String or Yarn - $2-4 (one roll makes many candles)
  • Cardboard cut out heart or heart sticker - $1 for 25 stickers
  • Glue

Perfect for table top centerpieces or heart gifts. Made from dollar store embellished candles using string, and heart stickers or cardboard hearts as decoration. Roughly $1.25 per Candle.

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Heart Candy Tic Tac Toe

  • Card Stock, Construction Paper, Copy Paper - $0.05-$0.39 (depending on paper choice)
  • Masking Tape - $1 per roll
  • Marshmallow Hearts - $1 per bag

Create a super fun and Valentine’s Day themed game to eat as you play! Use colored card stock, construction paper, or copy paper and masking tape to make the Tic Tac Toe board. Purchase marshmallow hearts for opposing players to use. Cost is .40 cents per player if all materials need to be purchased.

Heart Pencil Toppers, Book Marks, Drinking Straw Embellishments

  • Cardboard Cut Heart
  • Yarn or String - $3-5 per roll (will have left over)
  • Drinking Straws - $1 per 12 pack
  • Pencils - $1 per 12 pack
  • Popsicle Sticks - $1 per 25 pack
  • Glue

Create Valentine’s Day themed heart embellishments! Use for pencil toppers, book marks, or an embellishment to drinking straws. Cut cardboard hearts and wrap in colored yarn or string. Attach to pencil, straw, or popsicle stick for book marks. Cost is .50 cents per heart if all materials need to be purchased.

For full step-by-step break downs of these crafts or to explore hundreds of budget and family friendly D.I.Y. projects visit Julie Loven’s website The Effortless Girl or follow her on Instagram.

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