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Jubilee House changing rules after guest brought gun to shelter

TRAVERSE CITY — A Traverse City day shelter for people experiencing homelessness is charging up their rules, after police say a man brought a gun to the shelter.

38-year-old John Natzel was arrested by Traverse City Police after the incident at Jubilee House.

Police say Natzel never pulled the gun out into the open, and he didn’t threaten anyone with it, but it was still cause for alarm.


“It is just as much a harm to their understanding of what Jubilee House is to them, as to our staff and volunteers,” said Grace Episcopal Church Rector James Perra.

Jubilee House will now be using a 10-to-1 ratio between those coming in, and volunteers in the building.

Their plan is to have a maximum of 44 people allowed in the building at one time.

Perra says this incident goes against the culture of the shelter, and Natzel has been banned for life.


“There was no act of violence, but just the presence of a firearm, especially in a place that has such a diversity of needs, we have any number of people who have mental health concerns of their own, who have trauma,” Perra said. “It is just that much more important that it be a place of peace and safety.”

The church will also be working to improve their security measures across the Jubilee House and church campus, and increasing safety training.

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