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DIY your Super Bowl party

For this episode of “The Effortless Girl” with DIY crafter Julie Loven, Julie gives you 4 projects that are sure to kick your Super Bowl party through the uprights.

Football Themed Coasters

Create durable football themed coasters. Use cork and green and white paint. Paint field onto coaster or football laces and allow to dry. Roughly .25 per coaster Excellent party favor.

  • Cork Squares - $6 for 60
  • White & Green tubes of art paint - $0.58 per tube
  • Paint Brush
  • Scissors

DIY Pom Poms

Perfect to cheer your team to victory. Also great as a pre-game activity for guests & kids. Uses plastic table covering and Tape. Cut squares from table covering and cut squares into strips. Fold accordion style and separate twist the cut plastic strips to fluff the pom-pom. Fun during game and also a party favor. Cost Roughly $1.00.

  • Plastic Table Covering from Dollar Store - $1
  • Tape Roll - $1

Post-It Scoreboard

Create your own version of the game day score board for a super fun party table backdrop. Uses tri-fold posterboard (science fair board) and post-it notes. Arrange Post-It notes onto posterboard as numbers to replicate the lights from football scoreboards. Print words from stencils or Word Document and cut out. This is also reusable for other sports and parties. Cost roughly $10-12

  • Tri-Fold Posterboard - $7
  • Small Post-Its - $3
  • Scissors

DIY Lombardi Trophy

Create a DIY Lombardi Trophy using an old flower vase, football, and silver spray paint. Glue the ball to the upside-down vase and allow to dry. Mini Trophies made with drinking glasses and mini footballs make super fun party favors. Cost $15 for large trophy and $4-5 for minis.

  • Flower Vase - $3-5
  • Silver Spray Paint - $5
  • Silver Duct Tape or Glue - $3
  • Football - $3-5

For more great craft ideas visit the Effortless Girl website.

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