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Excellence in Education: Theresa Dean-Rumsey from Hesperia High School

This week’s Michigan Lottery Excellence in Education winner is Theresa Dean-Rumsey from Hesperia High School. Congratulations. We have a video from your nominator. Let’s take a look.

I know you hear this often from former graduates, former students, that you push them to be their very best and they’re so prepared for their next educational steps.

Q: Tell me what the students mean to you.

A: They’re part of my family. That’s how I perceive them. I think all students can succeed, and I hold all students to high expectations with encouragement. If they have the expectations and they have a teacher who is willing to help them grow and get there, all students can be successful.

Theresa from Hesperia High School receives a $2,000 check from the Michigan Lottery.

Excellence in Education Awards, sponsored by the Michigan Lottery - providing more than $28 billion to public education since 1972.