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Excellence in Education: Michael Egan from Larson Middle School

This week’s Michigan Lottery Excellence in Education winner is Michael Egan from Larson Middle School. Congratulations.

Q: I have a great letter from your nominator. And it starts out with “Wow! Michael Egan is a top-drawer teacher. He believes in furthering science in the hearts and minds of his students, and igniting the passion in his students is something he’s gifted in.” So you’ve seen that change in a student when they get that concept, when they understand how important that is and then they take off with it.

A: Absolutely. That’s the goal. Adventure is a huge thing that I’m into. I want my students to go out there and, like, create experiences and not see limitations - see opportunities.

Michael from Larson Middle School receives a $2,000 check from the Michigan Lottery.

Excellence in Education Awards sponsored by the Michigan Lottery - providing more than $28 billion to public education since 1972.