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Local whiskey company warns that scammers are posting fake ads for their product

LAKE CITY — It’s sad, but the holidays are an active time for scammers.

Bowright Whiskey Company out of Lake City is dealing with scams taking advantage of their brand on Facebook.

They’ve learned that 18 people are claiming to be affiliated with them and selling their whiskey online. The problem is, Bowright says there are only three places you can get their product: their tasting room in Lake City, Mikowski’s Meat Market & Deli in Interlochen, and Four Seasons Party Store in Houghton Lake.


Owner Bryan Parks talked to us about the scammers, and he has a message for them.

“You guys out there. I don’t know why you’re doing this. We’re a small company. You can’t get our stuff. I can’t even ship it to you. So, unless you actually walk into this building and do business with me directly, there’s no possible way you could have a product,” said Parks.

They are not aware of anyone who purchased from the scam ads yet but want people to be aware.

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