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The Four

Rock Band of the Year ‘The Almas’ share their musical journey

Through guitar-driven licks, road dog attitudes, and high energy professional live performances, “The Almas” showcase the truest essence of rock ‘n’ roll with a modern twist and the stage presence reminiscent of legendary musical acts.

Comprised of lead vocalist Crystal Teigland, lead guitarist Frank Slifka, guitarist Josh Sukowski and drummer Andrew Ehredt, “The Almas” just took home Rock Band of the Year from the Josie Music Awards at the Grandy Ol’ Opry in Nashville, cementing their place on the national music scene.

Touring extensively, “The Almas” are dedicated to their ever-growing fanbase, covering 39,000 miles across the country in their 2022 tour alone. But the band is about more than just sharing their music. They also advocate for mental health awareness and support numerous veteran events such as the Rock 2 Stop 22.

“The Almas” will be making multiple stops in Michigan as part of the promotional tour for their latest release, “CROWNS”. To get your tickets for an energetic rock show head over the “The Almas” website for a full list of tours dates, music and more.

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