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Meet Ashley Brown: Teacher’s Wishlist Giveaway winner from Traverse City

Ashley Brown is a first-year teacher at Cherry Knoll Elementary. She said she knew in kindergarten that she wanted to be a teacher, and even now she couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

“I just love seeing the progress of my students and building relationships with my students. Just the first time that you have like a breakthrough with the kids, and you see how they’re proud of themselves and that kid that’s just like, I’m not good at math, I’m not good at this. And then they finally get like 100 on the test and just how proud they are. And then when they’re like, no, you helped me. And like, just seeing that is just so amazing and I love it,” said Brown.

Winning this giveaway took off a lot of stress.


“It was just amazing because as a first-year teacher, you’re kind of like apprehensive about it. Like, am I doing a good job and kind of seeing like not only my family, but like some of my kids whose parents were sharing it and saying, like, how their student loves my class. And it was just kind of like a great support system and kind of like a boost,” Brown said.

The money will allow Ashley’s students to continue to grow and thrive in their learning environment.

“My kids love like flexible seating, but it’s pretty pricey to get flexible seating for classrooms. So, I’ve told them that that’s kind of where a lot of it’s going to go for. And they were super excited about that. And then a lot of classroom library books are super expensive now, so it’s hard. I’ve got a lot of donations, which is amazing from parents and family members. But my kids are super into like the new ones and they’re really expensive to buy. So, I think buying like a few chapter books and series they’d be super excited about because they love reading right now,” Brown said.

The atmosphere of the classroom made it clear that her students are enthusiastic about learning because of Ashley’s passion for teaching.


“I really like the way she just runs the classroom, like I like math a lot, and she does really good teaching math,” said Cherry Knoll fifth-grader Paxton.

“She’s always finding new and fun ways for us to learn, and she’s super nice and always willing to help us out,” said Paige, a fifth-grader at Cherry Knoll.

“She makes my day like if I’m having a bad day, she makes my frown turned upside down. And I just love that she makes everything better than it was before,” said another fifth-grade student Sutton.


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