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Meet Chad Coolman: Teacher’s Wishlist Giveaway winner from Rogers City

Chad Coolman is a teacher at Rogers City who wears many hats. He teaches grades six through 12, from physical education to social studies, history and government. His passion for teaching is seen the second you step foot in his classroom.

“I think every kid has that little spark in them and it’s so fun. I wake up every day excited to go to work. The kids are always there, challenging at times, but at the same time it’s really rewarding to see them. When they ask a question, they get into a discussion or they tell you, you know, how much they enjoyed what we did in class,” said Coolman.

Chad had no idea that soon he’d be able to make some major upgrades with his classes.


“It just makes me feel, again, like I have the greatest job in the world, that people want to help out the school and want to help out kids. And so, I was just, it was really exciting,” Chad said.

Winning this giveaway allows him to make some splurges for the students that he wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.

“Most of it will go towards physical education equipment. We really need some volleyballs and there are some things that just wear out over time and that we need. And I always look for new things any time we can do a new sport, a new game, something the kids have never done before. I’ve always had to spend my own money on things and I’m going to keep doing that if it’s necessary. If I really feel it’s needed for the kids, then I’ll do it. But this was a chance of like, you know, it’s a wish list. Like if I just had extra money, what would be exciting? And so that’s when I was putting it towards,” Coolman said.

Chad’s heart for teaching is evident to his students and is making an impact.


“He makes the class fun and like, even though sometimes a lot of the class is him talking, it doesn’t get boring because he engages kids in the class,” said Roger’s city Junior Hope.

“He’s a really good teacher and he makes the class enjoyable and makes me want to come to class. So, he’s just, he’s a good teacher overall,” said another Junior at Roger’s City Lily.

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