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Missing college student originally from Onaway found safe

UPDATE 12/13/23

The family of missing college student Matthew Grant posted on Facebook Wednesday that Grant has been found and is safe. Here’s what the post said:

“MATTHEW GRANT HAS BEEN FOUND SAFE & IS RE-UNITED WITH HIS FAMILY!! Praise be to God!! Matthew’s vehicle was found by an officer late last night, the officer called in the plate number and realized it belonged to a missing person and acted immediately. We are forever grateful. For the privacy of Matthew and his family we ask that you refrain from flooding us with questions and speculations at this time, we will not be responding. We also ask if you personally know and love Matthew and family you do not flood their phones with messages. They feel your love.”


12/03/23 4:40p.m.

Family members of Matthew Grant say that Apple will not allow access to their son’s phone because they say that they did not create the password, even though the father pays for the phone. They offered to reset the phone, but all information would be lost on the phone. Family says they have the phone as it appeared he forgot his phone on his bed.

Family members also say that the Uconnect system within their son’s Jeep cannot find the location of his vehicle since his Jeep is a 2014 model. Jeep discontinued communications with this year’s vehicle, Jeep telling the family members that the new tech is not compatible with the old technology.

The last known place their son was known to be in Syracuse driving east on I-90. He then drove to the poll plaza that connects to I-81 that runs North and South, but it is unknown which direction he was driving as his vehicle was no longer detected.


12/02/23 6:22p.m.

Police in New York are searching for Rochester Institute of Technology student, Matthew Grant, who is originally from Onaway, Michigan.

Grant went missing on Nov. 20, where he was last seen in the Syracuse area.

Grant drives a gray 2014 Jeep Cherokee with a Michigan license plate number of ERS-8141.


His family says that he is 5′9 and around 160lbs with brown hair and brown eyes.

Grant is a college student athlete at Rochester Institute of Technology. Anyone who may see him or has any information is asked to call 911, or his family at (989)-657-1542.

There may have been a sighting of him on November 22nd according to family members, but his sighting was not confirmed to be him.

This is all the information available at this time, but we will continue to bring you information as it becomes available.


Upate-12/5/23-8:55 AM

Family members say deputies have now received video showing Matthew Grant at a truck stop in New York.

Deputies first got the tip when someone reported seeing grant on Friday.

Grant, who is from Onaway but was attending college in New York - went missing on November 20th.

Law enforcement believes the 22 year old was on his way to Syracuse-but they’re still looking for him.

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