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Meet Tristen Juergens: Teacher’s Wishlist Giveaway winner from Atlanta

Tristen Juergens is the first-grade teacher at Atlanta Community Schools whose passion is in seeing her students grow and succeed.

“There’s just something magical about working with kids, whether it’s when something clicks, or you catch them being kind or happy or falling in love with a book or reading or writing. It just makes all of the other stuff worth it.” said Juergens.

Winning this giveaway will allow Tristen to expand the learning experience within her classroom.


“I mean, teachers always use all of their personal funds all of the time just because it makes it more entertaining for them. It makes it special. And so having money that isn’t specifically coming out of my pocket was just really exciting because I could get the things that I really wanted, but I couldn’t justify spending the money on.” Tristen said.

“I am planning on doing a few organizational things to help things go smoother in the classroom and then a few consumable things. We’re really lucky to get paper and pencils and erasers, but a lot of times people don’t think about us also needing things like batteries and hot glue sticks and things like that. So, some of those and then I also purchased some things to help make the writing and reading process a little bit more exciting.” said Juergens.

One thing for certain, Ms. Jergens students see and appreciate her passion for teaching.

“She’s fun and she’s silly. And she’s nice!” said Atlanta first-grader Chloe.


“She’s beautiful, nice, sweet, kind. And I love her. She loves me.” Braxton, first-grader at Atlanta said.

“She makes gingerbread mans!” First-grader Ryan said.

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