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Gov. Whitmer, Lt. Gov. Gilchrist issue statements 2 years after Oxford High School shooting

Two years after the deadly shooting at Oxford High School, Michigan’s leaders remember the young men and women who lost their lives that day.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s statement

“Today, Michiganders come together to remember, grieve, and stand with the people of Oxford.


“We honor the memories of four beautiful young souls. Justin, a kind young man and avid golfer who could make you feel better with his big smile. Madisyn, who brightened any room she walked into and was a proud big sister to her brother who has special needs and special gifts. Tate, a leader on and off the football field, whose work ethic and loyalty to his friends was unmatched. And Hana, a freshman known for her silly sense of humor who loved volleyball and basketball.

“These four extraordinary young Michiganders were taken from us too soon. Many were wounded and still bear scars—seen and unseen—from that day. It’s not fair. Michigan will always keep Oxford in our hearts. We have faced a lot of tough times, and the way we got through any of them was by sticking together. After the shooting, we held each other close. We cried together. We had each other’s backs. We need to remember that now more than ever.

“Michigan sends its love. Let us continue honoring the memories of those we have lost with action to protect our children, our families, and our communities.”

Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist’s statement


“As we mark two years since the heartbreak and shock of the tragedy in Oxford, we are committed to honoring the memories of Hana, Tate, Madisyn, and Justin and supporting the Oxford community. My family, and the entire state of Michigan, continues to send our love and prayers to everyone impacted by this terrible event. Out of our grief comes our resolve to support each other and keep our families and communities safe. Let us continue working to ensure no Michigander must fear gun violence.”

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